Diwali Wishes, Poems, Greetings 2017

diwali is an indian festival widely celebrated by indian hindus. 2018 diwali begins from 26’th of October 2016 and continues till 1’st of November 2016. In this post we have added diwali sms, diwali greeting card messages, diwali greeting wishes, diwali wishes text, diwali short message for you. See all Diwali Wallpapers

May millions of lamps illuminate ur life
with endless joy,prosperity,health & wealth forever
Wishing u and ur family a very

This Diwali I Am Sending You CASH:

A festival full of sweet childhood memories,
sky full of fireworks,
mouth full of sweets,
house full of diyas and heart full of joy.
Wishing you all a very happy Diwali!


With gleam of Diyas
And the Echo of the Chants
May Happiness and Contentment Fill Your life
Wishing you a very happy and prosperous Diwali!!


Happy Independence Day Greetings, Wishes And Quotes 2017

Indian Independence Day Greetings: The Indian Independence Day is celebrated on 15th August every year. The Day of Independence is near, and we should start preparing to celebrate it with full patriotism. You can share Happy Independence Day Greetings Wishes with your friends and relatives to share your joy of independence. Sharing the Independence Day Greetings are the best to share your joy over the digital medium of communications like Facebook and WhatsApp.

The India got independence from Britishers in 1947. The day of independence of India, which is 15th August is celebrated every year on the occasion of Independence. This year, the India is celebrating the 70th Independence Day 2017 with total enthusiasm. If you are one of the fellow Indians ready to celebrate this patriotic day with your friends and family, then you’re at the right place.

In this post, you’ll find Happy Independence Day Greetings and Wishes to share on Facebook and WhatsApp. You can share these Independence Day Greetings 2017 with your fellow Indian friends and relatives. With extending the nonsense talk, I will start sharing the Happy Indian Independence Day Greetings and Wishes 2017.

Happy Independence Day Greetings 2017


“On this special day, let us take come forward and make a promise to take our nation on the path of prosperity so that people can live a happy life. Happy Independence day to all.”


“This Independence Day, take a step back and cherish your life and the country you live in a while appreciating the sacrifices people made to give us independence today.”


“Don’t take your freedom and independence for granted; someone had to work hard and make many sacrifices for it.”

Indian Independence Day Greetings In Hindi

“Aazadi Ka Josh Kabhi Kam Nhi Hone Denge
Jab Bhi Zarurat Padhi Desh Ke Liye Jaan Luta Denge
Kyunki Bharath Hamara Desh Hai
Ab Doobara Is Par koi Aanch Nahi Aane Denge
Happy Independence Day 15th August 2017”

“Chalo Phir Se Aaj Wo Nazara Yaad Karle
Shahidon Ke Dil Me Thi Wo Jwala Yaad Karle
Jisme Behkar Aazadi Pahunchi Thi Kinare
Watan se Muhabbat karne walo Ki Wo Khoon Ki Dhara Yaad Karle
Salute To Indian Army (Special 15th August)”

Aisi Zameen Aur Aasman Iske Siwa Jana Kahan
Badhti Rahi Ye Roshni, Chalte Rahe Ye Karwaan
Dil Dil Hindustan Jaan Jaan Hindustan
Happy 15th August 2017

Aao Dosto Tumko Sunao Kahani Hindustan ki
Bade bade Veero Ke Abhimaan Ki
Watan se Muhabbat Raksha Karna Yahi Lakshya Hamara
Happy Independence Day 2017

Jhanda Lehrana Hai, !
Sunakar Desh Ko Lalkarna Hai, Aao Milkar Ab Swapn Dekha Jo Sakar Karna Hai!
–<@ Happy Independence Day @>–

Halki Si Dhoop Barsat Ke Baad, Thori Si Khushi Har Baat Ke Baad,
Isi Tarah Mubarak Ho Aap Ko, Jashan-E-Aazadi Kuch Din Ke Baad….
Wish You A Very Happy Independence Day

Happy Independence Day Wishes 2017


“Independence is one of the valuable gifts that one can enjoy. Hope that God’s blessings are always with us so that the coming generations can also enjoy the fruits of independence. Enjoy and have a great day.”


“Take time on this special day to understand what independence means to you. Happy Independence Day!”


“We are very lucky to be born in our country which is famous for its rich culture and traditions. While celebrating the Independence Day, we promise to preserve the reputation so that the freedom fighters can feel proud of us.”


“May our country always flourishes and celebrates many more years of independence. Wishing you all a very happy and blessed independence day.”

“Happy Independence Day! I feel so proud to be a part of the most wonderful country in the world.”

Indian Independence Day Messages 2017 | Independence Day 2017 Quotes

Happy Independence Day Messages: The Independence Day of India is on 15th August. The 15th August is near, and people are gearing up for celebrating this fantastic day with their loved countrymen. The India is getting ready to celebrate the biggest day in the history, which is the Independence Day 2017. Many people will be looking for the 15th August Messages to share with their friends. To help these people, I am going to share Happy Independence Day 2017 Messages and Wishes in this post.

If you are looking for the Independence Day 2017 Messages to share with friends, then you are at the right place. I am going to share Indian Independence Day messages 2017 to share with your loved friends and relatives on the Social Media sites like Facebook and Twitter.

Without talking too much about the uses of these Happy Indian Independence Day Messages, we will cut off the unnecessary talk and share these Aazadi Messages.

Independence Day 2017  Messages
 Independence Day 2017  Messages

Indian Independence Day Messages | Independence Day Quotes 2017


Ye baat hawao ko bataye rakhna,Roshni hogi chirago ko jalaye rakhna,Lahu dekar jiski hifazat humne ki… aiseTIRANGE ko sada Dil me basaye rakhna….Happy Indian Independence Day

Aaj main aap se apne dil ki bat kahna chahti hunhan wohi 3 words jo aap sunna chahen hanwo hi 3 alfaz jo aap k dil ko chulenHappy Independence Day.


Apunka pehla SMS 15th August ko Ye le pakad le..Sare zahah se achha hindusta hamara aao milke vadha kare jhanda ucha rahe hamara.

Halki si dhoop barsat k baad,thori si khushi her baat k baad,Isi tarah mubarak ho aap ko,Jashan-e-azadi 1 din k baad…Wish u a very happy independence day


Freedom in the Mind, Faith in the words.Pride in our Souls..Lets salute the Nation.”Independence Day 15th August !!


The yearly ritual of your taking bath expires on 15th August.
May you give Independence to all the bacterias, parasites and dirt that you host on your body.
Happy Independence day!


We should take the pledge that
Till our last breath, we will fight terrorism,
We will protect our country with all we’ve
Happy Independence Day!!


Happy Independence Day Messages | 15th August 2017 Messages


!!True independence and freedom… can only exist in doing what’s right.


It is a day to salute to all those who became the reason of this land. Happy Independence day.


Keep India green and clean!! Let us make this our National Happy Independence Day

Our life is full of colors.I hope this 15th August 2016 will. Add more colors to your life. Happy Independence day.

We shed many tears to get this land, now filled it with smiles and happiness.

True independence and freedom can only exist in doing what’s right. Happy Independence Day 2017.

Independence Day SMS Messages | Independence Day Messages In Hindi

Halki si dhoop barsat ke baad,
thori si khushi her baat ke baad,
Isi tarah mubarak ho aap ko,
Jashan-e-azadi 1 din k baad….
Wish U a very happy independence day

Sarfaroshi ki Tamanna ab Hamare Dil Main Hai
Dekhna Hai Jor Kitna Bajoo a Katil Main Hai.
Happy Swantantra diwas..

31 States,
1618 Languages,
6400 Castes,
29 Major festivals 6 Religion,
6 Ethnic Groups,
& 1 Country! Be Proud to be an Indian!
Happy Independence Day………

Final Words On Independence Day Messages 2017

So, these were some finest Indian Independence Day 2017 Messages to share with friends and relatives. If you are looking for some fantastic Messages for this independence day, then you should any one from above messages.
What do you think about these messages? found them interesting? Please let us know through the comment box below.

Independence Day Resurgence 2016 Full Movie Cast, Release date, Trailers, Film Review

independence day resurgence 2016  is the American science fiction film  written and directed by Roland Emmerich with co-writers Dean Devlin, Nicolas Wright, James A. Woods, and James Vanderbilt. It take 20 years.

Independence Day Resurgence 2016 Movie Plot


The twentieth anniversary of the invasion techniques, ESD Director David Levinson meets with warlord Dikembe Umbutu and Dr. Catherine Marceaux in the African state Republique Nationale d’Umbutu. They journey to an in tact alien metropolis destroyer and find that that alien survivors sent a distress call to their home world before their defeat. It is revealed that former U.S. President Thomas Whitmore, Dr. Brackish Okun and Umbutu are telepathically linked to the aliens following personal encounters and have visions of an unidentified spherical object.

An spherical ship emerges from a wormhole near Earth’s Moon, and despite objections from Levinson, is destroyed on the orders of the United Nations’ Security Council. independence day resurgence
independence day resurgence cast
An alien mother ship abruptly seems, answering the distress call, and proceeds to destroy much of the planetary defenses of the Earth before landing over the North Atlantic Ocean where it begins to drill to the Earth’s molten core. Narrowly escaping death, these on board the space tug are able to avoid capture and reunite to Area

Independence Day Resurgence Movie Review & Rating

independence day resurgence review is the movie on independence which has the great effect on people of america. This is the movie that reminds us the feeling.

independence day resurgence 2
independence day resurgence cast
independence day resurgence full movie
independence day resurgence 2016
independence day resurgence trailer
independence day resurgence initial release date
independence day resurgence film
independence day resurgence review

Not for the intelligent viewer



I’m sorry, but this movie is complete garbage!



Today I learned that a big action movie can be boring



About the movie independence day resurgence 2016  these are the peoples reviews about.


Independence Day Resurgence Release Date

So, well we all know that this movie which name independence day resurgence 2016  is going to be release after that happy 4th of july event so release that of movie is


Release date‎: ‎June 20, 2016 (‎TCL Chinese Th…
Budget‎: ‎$165 million
Story by‎: ‎Dean Devlin‎; Roland Emmerich; Nico…
Produced by‎: ‎Dean Devlin‎; ‎Harald Kloser‎; Rol…

Independence Day Resurgence Film


Independence Day Resurgence

Independence Day Resurgence Cast


independence day resurgence trailer

Independence Day Resurgence official Trailer 2016

2017 Happy Independence Day WhatsApp Best Status Wishes

The Indian Independence Day Wishes for Whatsapp are shared by everyone in the india. The India celebrates it’s Independence Day on 15th August every year. This time, we indians are celebrating it too. On the occasion of the Independence Day 2017, we are sharing some of the best Independence Day Whatsapp Statuses. You can use these Indian Independence Day Whatsapp Status Messages and share them on the Whatsapp Groups or even share them with your friends. If you are really interested in sharing the joy of Independence Day with your Friends, then you’d also find the Independence Day images for Whatsapp and Independence Day Whatsapp Status in Hindi.
So now, we’ll start sharing some of the best Independence Day Whatsapp Status QuotesWishes and Images with you. If you want to share them with your friends, you can do the same by directly copying it from our site. There is no restriction on copying the Independence Day Whatsapp Messages from our site.

Independence Day Whatsapp Status


Thousands laid down there lives so that why our country breath this day..Independence day


15 August is a good time to examine who we are and how we got here.


Feel the freedom, Happy Independence Day


May we always remain Independent. Happy Independence Day(15 August) To You.


Liberty is always dangerous, but it is the safest thing we have.Happy Independence Day


The Free Man Is Who Does Not,Fear To Go The End Of His Thought.

No nation is perfect in World,it needs to be made perfect Happy Independence day…

Independence Day Whatsapp Status In Hindi

संस्कार और संस्कृति की शान मिले ऐसे,हिन्दू मुस्लिम और हिंदुस्तान मिले ऐसेहम मिलजुल के रहे ऐसे कीमंदिर में अल्लाह और मस्जिद में राम मिले जैसे.Happy Indian Independence Day 2016

दे सलामी इस तिरंगे को
जिस से तेरी शान हैं,
सर हमेशा ऊँचा रखना इसका
जब तक दिल में जान हैं..!!
Jai Hindi, Jai Bharat

Independence Day 2016 Wishes Messages in Hindi

गंगा यमुना यहाँ नर्मदा,
मंदिर मस्जिद के संग गिरजा,
शांति प्रेम की देता शिक्षा,

मेरा भारत सदा सर्वदा..!!

Independence Day Whatsapp Messages

Loved Indians,
Let us celebrate & enjoy the freedom to live
independently in our country Cheerfully,
Helpfully,Hopefully, Peacefully by remembering
our National Heroes who gave us
Freedom after suffering pain & humiliation.
A Proud Indian
Happy Independence Day

Independence is a Precious gift of God.
May We Always Remain Independent A Very Happy Independence Day To You.

Feel the pride of being the part of such a glorious nation.
Here’s sending my warm patriotic wishes to make this day truly memorable.

Na sar jhuka hai kabhi
Aur na jhukayenge Kabhi,
Jo apne dum pe jiye sach me zindagi h wahi
Live like a true INDIAN.

Independence Day Images For Whatsapp







Independence Day Wishes In English

Independence Day Movie New | Plot, Release Date | Full Length Movie

Independence Day Movie New


Independence Day movie is a 1996 American action film directed and co-written by Roland Emmerich. The film is focused on disparate groups of people who converge in the Nevada desert in the aftermath of a worldwide attack by an extraterrestrial race of unknown origin. they launch a last-ditch counterattack on July 4 – Independence Day 2017 new movie in the United States.


How long is the New Independence Day Movie

Well this question is very famous coz every one wanna watch Movies those are full length. This movie reminds us the sacrifices of the people that has done at the time of 4th Of July. After watching this New Film Independence Day you you will know about all these.

 New Independence Day USA Movie Running time: 145 Minutes


New Independence Day 2017 Movie Plot / Story

On July 2, 1996, a huge alien mother ship that has one fourth the mass of the Moon enters orbit around Earth, deploying thirty six smaller artificial satellite, every fifteen miles (24 km) wide, that take positions over a number of Earth’s major cities and military bases. David Levinson, associate degree MIT-trained satellite technician, decodes an indication embedded within the international satellite transmissions that he determines may be a timer investigating right down to a coordinated attack. With the assistance of his former partner, White House Communications Director Constance Spano, Levinson, and his father Julius, gain access to the government office and warn President Thomas J. Whitmore that the aliens area unit hostile. Whitmore orders large-scale evacuations of recent House of York town, l. a. , and Washington D.C., however it’s too late; the timer reaches zero and also the ships activate devastating directed-energy weapons, killing millions. Whitmore, the Levinsons, and a number of others narrowly escape aboard Air Force One because the capital is destroyed, at the side of different locations over that the ships area unit positioned.

This is summed up story of  The new Movie Independence Day




Best Indian National Anthem Songs 2017

India is the biggest democratic country in the world and we got our democracy after the independence from the Britishers. Indians got the independence from British crown on 15th August 1947. in this post, we are sharing some of the best Indian national anthem songs videos here. The Indian national anthem song videos we are sharing here are the best and award winning. if you are interested in knowing the history of the current Indian national anthem, we  are here. The current national anthem was first performed on the December 27, 1911 in the Calcutta session of the Indian National Congress.

In this post, you’ll find some of the best Indian National Anthem songs collection. These Indian National Anthem Song videos are really good for sharing with friends on Whatsapp and other social networking sites. If you are a school teacher, then you can download it and then play it on the projector in your school on the occasion of the Indian Independence Day 2017. if you are interested in these Indian Independence Day National Anthem Songs, then you are at the right place. Now, i will share some of the best national anthem songs video 2017 and then you can download and share it anywhere you want.

Indian National Anthem Songs Video

 National Anthem Of India

 Lata Mangeshkar Sings Indian National Anthem

So, these were some of the Best and Top Rated Indian national Anthem songs. I have embedded the YouTube videos of the national anthem of India, you can click and play the video or download it from the savefrom.net site or any other file download site. If you want other stuffs than these Indian National Anthem Songs, then you can browse our website and then find some amazing Indian Independence day 2017 wishes, quotes and images.